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JobbFeed prides itself by being transparent to the user, the user makes JobbFeed who we are. The privacy policy is here to declare what your data is used for.

JobbFeed uses cookies and sessions to enable you to pin your favourite jobs, send applicants to Employers and authenticate your account. By logging in through Facebook your Facebook profile will NOT be shown to potential Employers, but it is used as a authentication check to your account. Your profile picture would be used on you personal account but will NOT be shared with anyone. All Security Data is kept and will NOT be shared with any 3rd Party Organisations.

An email, mobile number & CV is required to be filled in order to start applying for Companies. This will be viewed by the Employer only if you wish to send an application. Your CV and details would not be shared unless an application is sent.

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Use JobbFeed in any way to cause ill intent and malicious harm, being damaging to the website or impairment of the performance
Use our website in any illegal way, being fraudulent.
use our website to host, or distribute any malicious files such as a spyware, Computer virus and Trojans. Any Breach of the Terms will lead to a suspension or a immediate deactivation of your account. Serious offences will be escalated.

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